Evaluation Process FAQ for Parents

1. Each age group will receive a minimum of 3 skates

***in cases where a cohort does not have an equal number of skates please be aware that a skater can NOT surpass in ranking or drop in ranking a skater that does not have the same number of skates.

Ie. in the past a group of skaters are asked back for an additional skate. These request means that we are evaluating how the group of skaters are ranked amongst the requested group skating.  

2.  A minimum of 1 cohort skate will occur prior to team draft with aspiring coaches in attendance. This will allow coaches to be more informed at the draft. Aspiring coaches will be asked to run that skate.

3.  Season ending coach evaluations will be  required in the form of cluster of 4 rankings. This will be requested from coaches in February. More information to follow at ice draft meeting.