Registration for the FGNHA 4x4 Camp, regular season registration and Twins AA tryouts will be done through the Hockey Canada's Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).  Selecting the HCR link will forward you to the Hockey Canada registration portal.  If you have not registered a player in the HCR before you will be prompted to create a login account.  Once logged in, follow the "Register a Participant" link. 

  As per FGNHA's policy, Female players must choose their category (Female vs Mixed) when they register and movement between these two streams will not be allowed during tryouts.  

Females should not be registering to try out for the regular mixed A1 program and then request to move to the female only tryouts if they do not make the team.  In order to determine the exact number of teams we will be hosting it is imperative that we know how many players are in each age category.  

If players start moving between the Female and Mixed programs after final registration it causes problems for our team formation process. 
When registering you may have up to four options available to choose from. Registration for your age group by gender, registration for the Twins AA tryouts (if a team is available at your age group), registration for the FGNHA 4x4 Camp, as well as a goaltender 4x4 option. 

You must select either the regular FGNHA registration or the AA registration if you want to try out for the Twins AA program.  If you also want to register for the FGNHA 4x4 Camp, you must add the 4x4 package as well.  Sometimes the online system will not allow more than one package per checkout depending on the number of children being registered at once. 

If you select the AA option you will be registered for the Twins AA tryouts which includes an extra $60.00 cost.  

Only players on the lists supplied to the Twins by the area associations will be eligible for Twins tryouts.  If a player makes the Twins the regular registration portion will be deducted from the Twins fee and only the remainder will need to be paid to the Twins.  If a player does not make the Twins AA program, they are still registered for the FGNHA program and will join these tryouts automatically. 
Players that are successfully rostered on a Novice 8A1 team will be invoiced an additional $80 registration fee.
Hockey Winnipeg (AAA, AA, A1, A2, A3) and High School hockey are different programs and have no formal relationship.  Therefore if you plan on trying out for high school hockey you must also attend tryouts for teams under Hockey Winnipeg's stream to remain eligible.  

For example once Twins tryouts have started and if you have not been attending Twins tryouts and are released from high school, you are not eligible to make a Twins team.  

***Only players released from AAA tryouts can join Twins tryouts after the Twins tryouts have started.

 *Important Messages* 
All 4x4 registrations in this system are for FGNHA 4x4 (not Twins 4x4) and all 4x4 FGNHA programs are non-contact and combined male and female.
If the only type of 4x4 that you are signing up for is Goalie 4x4 without any other registrations in your Cart, please select Cheque as the payment option (Goalie 4x4 is free).

Regarding players trying out for AAA, one helpful hint is to signup using Cheque as the payment option.....but please remember to write "AAA Tryout" in the notes section of the cheque.  We will hold back from cashing your cheque until after your child has been released from the AAA tryouts.