Online Registration Help

Have you recently moved into the area?

Fort Garry Hockey Association (FGNHA) is comprised of 10 community centres within Winnipeg.  Click here for a map.  Below is link that describes the boundaries for each community centre. 

If your child has never played organized hockey before, then simply log into the Hockey Canada Registration System and create a new player profile.
If your child has previously played on an team before within a hockey association in Canada, your child will already have a Hockey Canada Profile in their name.  Before you can register online in FGNHA, your child's profile will need be transferred into FGNHA (this process may take a few days). 
If you are moving into FGNHA from outside of Winnipeg you will need to fill out the Hockey Manitoba Change of Residence form, provide a copy of proof of residency (MB Health card, hydro, water, or phone bill with the new address, or proof of purchase of the new home) and provide a copy (or clear photo) of the child's birth certificate.  Please email the completed Change of Residence form and birth certificate copy to .
If you are moving into FGNHA from another hocky area association from within Winnipeg, then there is no need to provide a copy of a birth certificate.  

Please fill out the Hockey Winnipeg Change of Residence form and provide a copy of proof of residency (MB Health Card, hydro, water, or phone bill with the new address, or proof of purchase of the new home) by emailing a scanned copy to 
September 1 is the date that determines which address should be used for registration.  Hockey Winnipeg can adjust this date at their discretion if, for example, you are in the process of moving and will take possession of your new residence in the near future.  You will be required to provide proof of purchase in this case to Hockey Winnipeg.
Since you are new to the area, you may not know which community club your home address is located.  The definition of FGNHA's 10 community centre boudaries can be found here.  If you live south of Bishop Grandin Blvd and west of the Red River, your local hockey association is South Winnipeg Hockey Association (SWHA).  For example, the subdivison of Waverly West is part of SWHA.

Confused by all the A's to describe different levels of hockey? 
Click here for a listing of the different program levels by age group.  The ranking of level of play from the highest level to lowest is AAA, AA, A1, A2, A3.  AA in our area is run by the Twins (combination of FGNHA & SWHA players).  FGNHA offers both Mixed (Male and Female) and Female divisions.
If the parents of a player live at a separate addresses that are located in two different hockey associations, a notiarized letter (signed by both parents) defining which parent has Sports Registration Authority is required by Hockey Winnipeg.  The address of the parent with Sports Registration Authority determines which association the player needs to register in.  A scan of the notarized letter will be attached to the player's Hockey Canada profile for future years so there is no need to submit a new letter each year.

Planning on Trying Out for AAA or High School?
Players who have decided to tryout for AAA or high school are required to also register with their local hockey association in order to be eligible to participate in AA tryouts.  The FGNHA registration must include the AA tryout option and players must be registered prior to the start of AA tryouts.  If you are released from AAA or high school tryouts and are not registered with FGNHA before the start of AA tryouts, the player will not be allowed to attend AA tryouts.

Full payment of the FGNHA registration fee is required when registering online with FGNHA.  Payment by credit card or cheque is acceptable.  If payment by cheque is selected, please write "AAA Tryout" in the notes section of the cheque.  We will do our best not to cash the cheque and we will hold onto the cheque until it is known if the player has made their AAA team or if they have been released.  If the player is released we will then cash the cheque.  If the player makes AAA we will rip up the cheque.  For payment by credit card, players who make AAA or high school will be refunded the full amount of the registration fee (excluding the $2 processing fee charged by the credit card company) to the same credit card once notice has been received that the player has made a AAA or high school team.  To speed up the process of refunding the fee, please contact the Registrar of FGNHA by email ( as soon it is known that the player has made their AAA or high school team.  FGNHA does not forward FGNHA registration fees to AAA if the player makes AAA.


Hockey Canada Registration System

Click here to go the Hockey Canada Registration System 

HCR Returning users simply log on with email and password
New HCR users must set up an account

1. New users will need to search for their player. If your player has paticipated in Minor Hockey before, they will already have a profile in the Hockey Canada Registry system.  Search for your player by providing Surname, First Name, Birthdate and Gender (the names will need to exactly match).  If this is your players first year in Minor Hockey you will need to create a player record. Follow the online instructions.
2. When your player has been identified follow the Register a Participent Link.
3. Each participant may have up to 4 options to choose from. Regular Season by eligable division (one for male and one for female), Regular Season (M/F) with AA tryout, 4x4 and goaltender 4x4. Choose the package you want to register your child into and follow the online instructions. The Goaltender 4x4 option has no fee associated with it.

** Please note that Female refers to Female-Only  Division Hockey.
If you want your player to participate in Male hockey do not choose the female option. **
4. Please make sure to add each participant to Your Cart before you select Checkout to avoid additional credit card processing fees.  Occasionally, the system may require you to check out more than once when enrolling multiple participants.  If you encounter difficulties, first try to register the same registrant again (before proceeding to checkout) and this time choose the other registration package.  If this does not work then unfortunately you will need to register for each registration package separately (checkout twice, once for all regular registrations and then once again for all players you want to register for 4x4).
5. All 4x4 registrations in this system are for FGNHA 4x4 (not Twins 4x4) and the programs are combined male and female.
6. If at a later date after registering for regular registration you decide that you would like to sign up for FGNHA 4x4, you may sign up for 4x4 in the system as a separate check out item.  If the only type of 4x4 that you are signing up for is Goalie 4x4 without any other registrations in your Cart, please select Cheque as the payment option (Goalie 4x4 is free).