Members requiring financial assistance in the form of a General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC) subsidy grant must register, as follows:

  1. Register on line at - follow step by step through the standard registration process.  Choose "Cheque" as the form of payment.  No late fees will apply for GCWCC applicants.
  2. Print your invoice and exit the online registration system.
  3. Take a copy of your FGNHA invoice to your local Community Club office.
  4. Complete the GWCC application process with your Community Club office.
  5. Once the GCWCC application process is entirely completed and approved by the Community Club Office (including the Minimum Parental Contribution calculation...see below), it is the member's responsibility to mail (or drop off in the mailbox) acopy of the completed form and a cheque made out to "FGNHA" for the Minimum Parental Contribution to:
FGNHA Treasurer
949 Scurfield Blvd
Winnipeg, MB  R3Y 1N6

Please keep in mind that players are not considered registered by the program until the registration process is fully completed. The onus is on the member to ensure that they follow through and ensure the process is completed ASAP.  FGNHA will not be held responsible for players not being advised of skate session or try-out date/ times due to late application finalization. Under no circumstances will a player be registered or allowed to attend FGNHA skates or try outs, prior to the completion of the above-noted process.

For more information on the GCWCC or detailed subsidy information requests go to Program Registration Fee Subsidy Grant Forms are available from your community center or directly from the GCWCC office.

Minimum Parental Contribution (MPR) Calculation:

A $50 tryout cost must be excluded from the FGNHA registration fee during the calculation of the amount of money the applicant must pay directly to FGNHA at the time of registration (the parental portion).  The tryout cost does not apply for ages 7 and under or for older age groups where there are no tryouts (example, Juvenile).

Example:  if the cost of FGNHA registration is $555 and the child is registering for an age group of older than 7 years old,  ($555 - $50) x MPR% and then add back the $50 tryout cost.  

The MPR% usually is either 10%, 20%, or 30% depending on your total family income and the number of children under 18 as confirmed by the Community Club executive member who reviews your family's CRA Notice of Assessment(s) and other financial statements.

Assuming a 10% MPR%, the calculation would be as follows:  ($555 - $50)x10% + $50 = $100.50.

If the child the applicant is registering the child for an age group of 7 or under, then the calculation would simply be the Registration Fee x MPR%.

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