Registration for Regular Season registration and Twins AA tryouts will be done through the Hockey Canada's Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).  Selecting the HCR link will forward you to the Hockey Canada registration portal.  If you have not registered a player in the HCR before you will be prompted to create a login account.  Once logged in, follow the "Register a Participant" link. 

As per FGNHA's policy, Female players must choose their category (Female vs Mixed) when they register and movement between these two streams will not be allowed during tryouts.  Females should not be registering to try out for the regular mixed A1 program and then request to move to the female only tryouts if they do not make the team.  In order to determine the exact number of teams we will be hosting it is imperative that we know how many players are in each age category.  If players start moving between the Female and Mixed programs after final registration it causes problems for our team formation process.
Starting at age 11 (Minor Peewee), a participant may choose a regular season registration that includes AA Tryout (Twins AA program).  The additional $75 AA tryout cost is included within the registration.  Only players on the list supplied to the Twins by area associations will be eligible for Twins tryouts.  If a player makes the Twins, the regular season registration portion will be deducted from the Twins fee and only the remainder will need to be paid to the Twins.  If a player does not make the Twins AA program, they are still registered for the FGNHA program and will join these tryouts automatically.
Players that are successfully rostered on a Novice 8A1 team will be invoiced an additional $80 registration fee.
Hockey Winnipeg (AAA, AA, A1, A2, A3) and High School hockey are different programs and have no formal relationship.  Therefore if you plan on trying out for high school hockey you must also attend tryouts for teams under Hockey Winnipeg's stream to remain eligible.  For example once Twins tryouts have started and if you have not been attending Twins tryouts and are released from high school, you are not eligible to make a Twins team.  Only players released from AAA tryouts can join Twins tryouts after the Twins tryouts have started.
Regarding players trying out for AAA, one helpful hint is to signup using Cheque as the payment option.....but please remember to write "AAA Tryout" in the notes section of the cheque.  We will hold back from cashing your cheque until after your child has been released from AAA tryouts.  If your child makes AAA, we will destroy the FGNHA registration cheque.   AAA registration fees are not paid through FGNHA; they need to be paid directly by you to your AAA team.
The Respect in Sport Parent Program 

As mandated by Hockey Winnipeg, one parent/guardian per household must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program (RISPP).

A player will not be eligible to be added to a regular season team roster until a parent/guardian has completed the RISPP course.

You only have to take the course once; so it does not need to be taken each season.

If you have completed the course in previous years, please make sure that players who are signing up for hockey for the first time are added to your Parent Program profile.

See our Home Page for more details.



"Please Note:  Effective in 2019/2020, a Credit Card is required to register online (cheques are no longer accepted by FGNHA).  

Credit card is the only form of payment accepted by FGNHA. Please ensure you have a Visa/Mastercard with you before complete the registration. If you do not currently have a credit card, banks and Canada Post have prepaid credit cards that can be used.  Visa or Mastercard Gift cards will also work.

If you are applying for financial assistance, please select “other” as payment method during the check-out process.

During registration you will be asked to answer yes or no to accepting 
the Hockey Manitoba Privacy Statement as per below.

I, the undersigned certify the above information to be true and in consideration of the granting of this certificate to me with the privileges incident thereto, and by signing this certificate I have become subject to the rules, regulations and decisions of Hockey Canada, it's Board of Directors, its Branches and/or divisions which may be restrictive in some areas such as movement from team to team, conduct etc. and I agree to abide by such rules, regulations and decisions of Hockey Canada, its Board of Directors, its Branches and/or divisions. 
The information above is collected for all registered participants and is required by Hockey Manitoba (it's employees, team officials, volunteers, leagues and associations) to facilitate its hockey programs and to administer the rules that govern sanctioned events. Hockey Manitoba treats this information with the utmost respect and in accordance with the Hockey Manitoba Privacy Policy at all times.  For further information on Hockey Manitoba's Privacy Policy, please visit our website at

Hockey Manitoba uses your personal information as indicated above and outlined in our privacy policy, however we may from time to time distribute information regarding additional services and promotions that may benefit you on behalf of third parties or partners of Hockey Manitoba.  This type of usage of your personal information by Hockey Manitoba is entirely at your discretion. 

2019 Season Registration Opening on July 2nd

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