Welcome to Fort Garry North Hockey - home of the Flyers!  FGNHA and its many volunteers look forward to continuing to meet our association mandate of providing children with opportunities to develop hockey and life skills through fair play.   I am very proud to be part of an association that is an inclusive community club program that provides every child with a fun, safe and positive playing environment. 
The 2018/2019 hockey season begins with great anticipation and excitement. New teams, new coaches, new friends and new experiences will all help contribute to positive lifelong memories.
The sport of hockey is one of which can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.  A hockey season should not solely be judged on wins and losses.  The smiling faces leaving the rink each and every day should measure our successes.  The overall experience is what matters.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers in advance for their dedication to our young people.   I cannot express in words the gratitude and appreciation I have for the thousands of hours our volunteers give to the children of FGNHA.  Please take a minute to review our Executive Board & Vacant positions as a complete board covering all areas of responsibility is key to our success.

To the players, good luck!  Each time you step on the ice, you represent our community and I know your passion, your energy and your commitment to fair play will make our association proud that you wear our FGNHA crest.
Have fun and good luck in the upcoming season.

Paul Arsenault