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Ages 5-6 House League

Parents Information



Welcome to all those who are returning and a warm welcome to the world of hockey for those joining us for the first time this year. We are pleased that you have chosen to register your child in hockey for the upcoming winter season.  The main objective of the Fort Garry North Hockey Association at the 5/6 House League level is to ensure the kids have FUN. During the season, we also focus on developing the fundamental skills of hockey and being a team member.



You have completed registration, what happens now?   The first week of September you will receive an email from the convenor advising you of your child's first ice times.  


Please ensure that your child is dressed in properly fitted full equipment (including neck and mouth guard) 15 minutes before the ice times.  We would suggest due to the number of players in the dressing rooms, please come to the rink with your child fully dressed, with only their skates, helmet, gloves and mouth guard to be put on.


Over the course of 3 sessions, we will be going over the basics of skating, doing hockey drills, etc. and trying to get a sense of the players skill levels so we can create balanced teams. If you signed up to coach in some capacity, we expect to see you on the ice during these sessions assisting and running some of the drills. (Everyone on the ice must wear a helmet, no exceptions).


Following these sessions, coaches will meet and teams will be formed. Then the season begins.

The Season


Each 5/6 House league team should expect one game per weekend (usually Saturday or Sunday mornings) and one practice per week (again on the weekends, or early weekday evenings i.e. 6 pm).  When outdoor ice is available each team will also be allocated one hour from 6pm to 7pm at one of the area rinks. The aim is to have 11-12 players on each team to provide for maximum opportunity to play.  FGNHA also runs two tournaments for 5/6's during the year in December and March. Most teams typically decide to enter a further outdoor tournament. 


The coaches of each team will be required to have team meetings following team formation to discuss the season, additional costs, additional practices/tournaments and of course answer any questions you may have.


Your registration covers the fees related to Winnipeg Minor Hockey, the 3 evaluation sessions, and the ice costs of your child's 18 games.  Additional practices/tournaments typically are about $200/child for the year (this is collected at the team level).

Games & Developing Line Concept

In our 5/6 league, we use a developing line concept, which means that the more developed kids play against each other, and then the developing kids play against each other.  The kids play 3-minute running time shifts.  This approach generally ensures that all kids get to be part of the action. 


Prior to the New Year, the 5/6 games are played on half ice.   However, in line with the kids' skating development, in the New Year, games are played on full ice.  A coach from each team is on the ice during games as a referee (but more of a guide).  No scores are kept.


While not required, an additional weekly skating lesson from September-November generally facilitates the kids' development.  





Equipment needs to be changed as your child grows and develops.  As injuries can happen at any age, every player must wear protective equipment that fits properly.  Please do not buy equipment that is too large with the idea that it will last for several seasons.  If the equipment doesn't fit properly, it will not provide the proper level of protection that it was designed for.


Standard Equipment List:

  • Helmet and Face Mask (must bear CSA label)

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Elbow Pads

  •  Hockey Pants

  • Shin Pads

  • Gloves

  • Skates

  • Jock/Jill Protector

  •  Hockey Bag                 


Outside of the standard equipment, all players must wear both a Mouth Guard and a Throat Protector.


In addition to providing protection from damaged teeth, cut lips, etc. mouth guards cushion blows to the face and neck.


Neck Guards or Throat protectors are mandatory in minor hockey and must bear the BNQ insignia.  Neck guards that cover the upper part of the chest are recommended.  When putting the guard on, adjust the strap at the back so that the neck is fully protected.


Last but not least, when buying a hockey stick for your child, please make sure that it is a junior stick.  The shaft size is smaller to fit the hand's grip properly.  It also flexes properly to allow him or her to learn to shoot the puck.


When choosing a stick, the entire bottom portion of the blade should be on the ice when the player assumes a ready position.  Proper stick length should be determined by placing the front, bottom edge of the stick (toe) on the ice between the skates. The top of the shaft should touch the player's face between the chin and the tip of the nose. It should touch closer to the nose if the player is wearing shoes, not skates.


Should you have any further questions please see our board list for contact information

Safety for All
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