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Fitting Guide


Coach Certification

Coaching in the Fort Garry North Hockey Association requires that each team must have coaches who have received their coaching certification according to the age group requirements as stated by Hockey Manitoba. Please review the requirements by age group on Hockey Manitoba website.


Achieving Certification and Clinic Information

It is the responsibility of all persons wanting to coach to understand the certification requirements for their age levels and achieve that credential before December 1st.


The following is the link to upcoming clinics. Click on find a clinic link in Hockey Manitoba website. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT, REGISTER TODAY AS THERE ARE LIMITED CLASSROOM SESSIONS!



  1. Log in at

  2. Select Profile

  3. At the bottom click on "Show Access Groups".  

  4. Check off "Hockey" and also further down the list "Fort Garry North Hockey Association"

Safety for All
Fair Play Booklet


Coaches Selection Process

FGNHA remains committed to developing highly skilled coaches in order to develop our players.  All persons wishing to be a Head Coach are required to fill out a Coach Application (see below). The application must be submitted to the Age Convenor before final releases are made at the relevant age category (we would encourage you to complete the form now).  The coach selection committee reviews the applications and determines who will be head coaches for this year.

The coach selection committee is made up of the following:

  • Age convenor

  • VPs of age category

  • VP Hockey Development

  • FGNHA President

Coaches will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  - Completed Coaching Application (mandatory)

  - Relevant Coaching experience, Specialty clinic attendance and certification levels as outlined by Hockey Manitoba

  - Amount of prior involvement and volunteer commitment within FGNHA

  - Feedback provided from FGNHA Parent Feedback suveys from previous seasons.

In the event there is a conflict of interest for a committee member with a child, in the child's level of the selection process, then another VP of FGNHA will be called into the selection committee.

We understand it will be luxury to have more than one applicant for a head coach position.  If an application to be head coach is not accepted, the person will be notified by a member of the Coach Selection Committee with some rationale provided in regards to the decision made.  In this situation where there are a greater number of qualified head coach applicants than there are positions, we hope that those not selected to be head coach would take on an assistant coach's role with a team. 

All ASSISTANT COACH applicants applying to will be reviewed as well. Once approved and teams have been selected, Assistant Coaches will be contacted by their child's head coach directly. All approved assistant coaches are expected to be allowed to participate (part of role of the head coach is to develop his/her assistant coaches).  Any person helping on ice or bench (practice or games) at any time must be approved by the committee and must have the required Hockey Manitoba credentials to participate.  FGNHA will pay to over-roster coaches.  At Novice 8A1 and above, the head coach has the authority to limit the number of assistants on the bench during a game.  WMHA rules and regulations also limit the number of bench staff.

Thank you for consideration and putting forth your name as a possible head coach for the upcoming hockey season.  Below is a link to the FGNHA coach application form that will be used by the coach selection committee to determine and properly designate each age level's group of head coaches.  All head coaches must complete the application form to be awarded a head coach position.

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