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An Amazing 2021-22 Hockey Season - Thank you!

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

An amazing 2021-22 hockey season for the Fort Garry North Flyer’s Hockey Association! Filled with successes both on and off the ice.

🏒Together we raised over $4000 for @cancercarembfdn

🏒We put together over 75 hockey socks filled with essential products for @mamabearclan_ to hand out to Winnipeg’s most vulnerable on the streets

🏒So many Flyer Teams in the playoff Finals

🏒Celebrated winning FOUR City Championships

Congratulations to the U13 A1 Orange Flyers!

Congratulations to the U15 A1 Flyers!

Congratulations to the U18 A2 Orange Flyers!

Congratulations to the U11 A3 Orange Flyers!

And also a big congrats to the U11 A2 Flyers and the U13 A2 Orange Flyers for placing 2nd in the City Finals.

We would like to thank the coaches, assistant coaches and managers who made this a great season! Adapting to the constant changes and new protocols with flexibility and positivity. You made it look easy.

Thank you to the parents, family and friends who brought the energy, excitement and of course cow bell to the games. Your enthusiasm is contagious and the players feel that on the ice! Thank you for following and supporting the protocols that this season brought with it. Your commitment to all of these things made for a successful season in unpredictable times.

And lastly, thank you to our great player’s!! Continue to throw your gloves in the air when you’re excited, tap each other on the head, look each other in the eye and say “wow, what a game”, take the pictures, make the memories, celebrate the wins and learn from the losses together. Always cheer each other on. We are so proud of you all.

To our graduating Flyer’s and Coaches, we wish you well and remember once a Flyer always a Flyer! Good luck!! 🧡🏒🧡

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