NEW 2021 Protocols for Winnipeg and Surrounding Area Arenas

Updated: Feb 15

Please be sure to read public health protocols for each Arena carefully and familiarize yourself with them and abide by them. We, volunteers, spectators, coaches and players are all representatives of Fort Garry North Hockey Association and non-compliance with protocols may lead to consequences for our Association.

In accordance with public health restrictions, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination status and government-issued identification is required at entry to all City of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba sport and recreational facilities for:

  • All participants in recreational/sport programs aged 12 and older (verification of age may be requested)

Youth between the ages of 12-17 are required to provide identification along with proof of vaccination or negative test result when entering some facilities. Acceptable forms of identification are:

· School ID card

· Driver’s License

· Passport, citizenship or permanent resident card

· Status card

· Health card

· Birth Certificate

Identification can be provided in physical form, photocopies or screenshots.

Participants between the ages of 12-17 are able to enter the facility without a parent or guardian to take part in hockey related activities provided proof of one dose of vaccine or negative COVID-19 rapid test result along with acceptable identification is provided upon entry.

Participants under the age of 12 are able to enter the facility without a parent or guardian to take part in hockey related activities. Given the current public health orders we are not required to check the immunization status of anyone entering the facility under the age of 12, whether they are a participant or spectator.

In the event a parent or guardian is unable to accompany a youth the team coach or manager would be responsible for the individual in the event of an incident. The coach or manager does not have to be present at the door to allow the youth to enter. If there is an issue in the facility at any time with an unaccompanied youth, please alert Operations who will speak with the coach or team manager. If the issue persists, Iceplex administration staff will discuss with the user group their responsibilities of utilizing the Iceplex.

  • All guardians/spectators accompanying recreational/sport program participants

At this time only those who can provide proof of approved COVID-19 vaccination will be admitted.

Please click on the arena below for pertinent Public Health Information.


City of Winnipeg Arenas

The Rink

St Norbert / SWCC

Winter Club

Dutton Memorial Arena


Max Bell Arena

- Separate waivers for adult and kids on ice for Max Bell Arena. You may not have to provide but they are to be filled out and carried with you. Click Here for waivers.

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