Cancelation of the 2020-21 Hockey Winnipeg Regular Season


I regret to inform you that the 2020-21 Hockey Winnipeg Regular Season and playoffs have been canceled.

This was a difficult decision made by the Board of Directors and Executive Members of Hockey Winnipeg Associations. Many things contributed to the decision but mainly the current restrictions and lack of available ice should facilities reopen, makes running league play near impossible.

We as an association will review options to provide programming should facilities re-open. At this time, we do not know how that would look but are working to be ready for whenever that day may come. Once we obtain information from our governing bodies, we will forward our plan to you.

Information regarding what refunds may look like and future programming will come  at a later date. 


Bellow is the correspondence received today from Hockey Winnipeg.

Thank you for your continued patience and support during theses trying and uncertain times. Stay safe and enjoy the family time away from the rink.


Paul Arsenault 





Hockey Winnipeg Communication – February 12, 2021


With the changes to the Manitoba Public Health orders coming into effect , this will allow for organized practices and exhibition games to be played on outdoor hockey rinks and one-on-one training to occur on indoor hockey rinks.  As such, Hockey Manitoba has released a new version of their Return To Play Plan (RTP). This RTP document can be viewed by following this link: RTP Version 5.  It is crucial to the success of any team wishing to participate in organized activities to read this document and implement the guidelines therein.


In addition to reviewing and adhering to the new RTP Document, Hockey Winnipeg’s regulations on Game Postponements and Rescheduling (Hockey Winnipeg Website, Resources Tab, Rule Book, Page 61) must be considered regarding the outside temperature.  These temperature guidelines apply to both exhibition games and practices. Teams who wish to engage in an exhibition game must complete the appropriate form on the Hockey Winnipeg Website (Forms Tab, Exhibition Game Form) and they must ensure that proper regulations are followed such as the use of certified officials only, the use of a Hockey Winnipeg gamesheet and that the rink is suitable for play.  A suitable rink is one that is lined, has working player benches, suitable nets and has no gaps in the boards/gates/fences.


Image by Matthew Fournier

As mandated by Hockey Winnipeg, one parent/guardian per household must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program (RISPP).  A player will not be eligible to be added to a regular season team roster until a parent/guardian has completed the RISPP course.  

This online program only takes about 1 hour to complete.  The cost is $12 plus GST and is valid for all future years.  Acceptable forms of payment are credit card or Paypal.  Please make sure that all of the children that you are registering in your household are listed under your RISPP profile.

The RISPP is not the same certification as the Respect in Sport program.  So even though many of you may already have your Respect In Sport certification (coaches, safety persons, and managers), one adult within your household will still need to complete the RISPP.    


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