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On and Off Ice Officials

Officiating can be a fun but challenging experience. Officials work together as a team and are equal participants in the game of hockey and are necessary to lead this fast paced competitive sport.


On-Ice Officiating will challenge you to physically move yourself into position to view the game, then require you to apply good judgment and the courage to make the right call.

Off-Ice Officiating will challenge you mentally as you manage penalized players, the timeclock and properly complete the game sheet.

All positions may challenge you emotionally when having to potentially deal with emotional participants or spectators.


Officials will be mentored/coached, and supported throughout the season in various ways- shadowed on ice, coached in between periods or after the game or available to answer questions.


Officiating can be a pastime, a recreation or occupation. Officials may choose to work at the grass roots level, or they may continue to pursue officiating in a high performance role.

Hockey is an inclusive community and officiating is no different. Being an Official is a role where you can start as a team member and develop life-long friendships.


The Off-Ice Official, also known as the Timekeeper, is responsible for the proper completion of the game sheet, control of the time clock, as well as keeping the time served by each penalized player. All Hockey Winnipeg Timekeepers are required to register each year, including those that are exempt from writing an exam.


Time Keepers LEVELS:

-Brand new timekeepers, regardless of age- register as Level 1

-1st or 2nd year of timekeeping- register as Level 1

-3rd year of timekeeping- register as Level 2

-4th and subsequent years of timekeeping- register as “Clinic not Required”. By doing this, you will not have to take a course but will still be in Hockey Winnipeg’s system as a certified, Off-Ice Official.

-Passing grades: Level 1 is 70%, Level 2 is 80%



-Must be at least 13 years old to register

-Email Referee-in-Chief and fill out paperwork provided. Successful applicants will be given a code

-Sign up for a clinic, using code provided

-Attend a TK’s clinic and pass the exam


Time Keeper CLINICS:

-Timekeeper Clinics are scheduled by Hockey Winnipeg and posted September/October

-Clinics are on a first come first serve basis, so even if you’ve received a code to register, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get a spot in a clinic. Register early! - Under the “Events” tab, select “Timekeeper Clinics”




The On-Ice Officials, also called Referees and Linespeople, work together and are responsible to enforce the rules of the game and ensure that the game is played fairly. All Hockey Manitoba On-Ice Officials are required to register each year.


Games can be officiated as a 2-Official system with 2 Referees; 3-Official system with 1 Referee and 2 Linespeople; or 4-Official system with 2 Referees and 2 Linespeople



-Must complete Hockey University-Officiating 1/2

-This must be completed PRIOR to REGISTERING for an officiating clinic. (The HCR system will not allow you to register for a clinic until online component is completed) -Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0) > “Register for Clinics”> under Hockey Manitoba, HU-ONLINE Officiating 1/2.


-Ref Clinics are scheduled by Hockey Manitoba and posted August/September - Click Here to Register  and find the course you want to attend

-Make sure all pre-requisites are completed prior to registering (see Levels below)



OFFICIATING LEVELS - Hockey Canada, Hockey Manitoba:

-The level system, Level I through Level VI, is the foundation for the training and development of amateur hockey officials across Canada. The Hockey Canada Officiating Program has opportunities for everyone from Grassroots at Level I through to High Performance at Levels IV, V and VI.


LEVEL I: To prepare a young or new official to officiate minor hockey.

Hockey Manitoba pre-requisites for becoming a certified Level I Official:

· Any person who is 13 years and older as of December 31st of the current year

· Individuals NEW to the officiating program must complete Hockey University-Officiating 1/2

· RETURNING officials must review the HU-Officiating 1/2 content prior to attending an in-person clinic

· Must attend a Level I clinic (5 hours) of which 1 hour is a mandatory ice session

· Must attain at least 70% on the national exam


LEVEL II: To further enhance the training and skills of minor hockey officials. To provide further instruction, training and skills to officials advancing through the HCOP levels and looking to building on the foundation of Level I certification.

Hockey Manitoba pre-requisites for becoming a certified Level II Official:

· Level I Officials moving to Level II must be at least 16 years or older as of December 31st of the current year

· Individuals 18+ years of age and NEW to the officiating program must complete Hockey University-Officiating 1/2

· Must attend a Level II clinic (5 hours) of which 1 hour is a mandatory ice session

· Must complete Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Program

· Must obtain at least 70% on the national exam


LEVEL III: To introduce and reinforce more advanced officiating procedures, rule knowledge and interpretations and further enhance an official’s on-ice and communication skills. To prepare officials to become capable and qualified to officiate minor hockey playoffs, minor hockey regional playoffs and female national championships, or being linespeople in Junior B, C, D, Senior and U15 or U18 Regional Championships


Hockey Manitoba pre-requisites for becoming a certified Level III Official:

· Must be a minimum of 17 years of age as of December 31st of the current year

· Must be fully certified and officiate one year at Level II (in the previous season)

· Must receive approval of local Referee-in-Chief in order to advance from Level II to Level III

· Must be certified with Respect in Sport Program for Activity Leaders

· Must complete the Level III Online Course

· Must obtain a minimum of 80% on the national exam

· Level III officials working/or moving into the following leagues: Provincial U18 AAA, KJHL, MMJHL, MJHL are required to attend a Level III Seminar in addition to the Level III online course. Please note this is a Hockey Manitoba requirement and not a certification requirement. Reference Hockey Manitoba Bulletin 16-13

· Level III officials within Hockey Manitoba’s High Performance Program are required to meet the certification requirements of the HP program



Click here to visit Hockey Manitoba website for more information about these levels 




-Once you have completed and passed your course, email your Referee-In-Chief.

-You will receive an email and our new Officials will receive a Goalline invite

-Officials will be assigned games depending on their availability, through our current system, Goalline.

-It is each Official’s responsibility to keep their availability up-to-date.


How and where to submit a Hockey Winnipeg Officals Report:





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