Hockey Canada Equipment Fitting Guide

Parents have a responsibility to ensure that players are wearing equipment that fits properly, protects the area that it is intended to protect and is well maintained. Hockey Canada recommends that parents and players use care when selecting protective equipment.


Hockey Canada

Safety for All

Fair play means Safety for All. Hockey Canada presents a guide to understanding abuse and harassment for parents and guardians.



FGNHA Fair Play


Team Development in FGNHA is about ensuring young players develop into good teammates and role models, and coaches enable this development through positive feedback and support of all players on a team.

Fair Play in FGNHA is about equal participation and is defined as follows: when it is my turn to go out, I will be given the opportunity to go out and participate.



FGNHA Privacy Statement & Consent

FGNHA requires the information collected to be distributed to coaches, managers, volunteers and member associations to process the participant’s registration for, and to administer the roles of, the WMHA Hockey Program. FGNHA will not provide this information to any outside organization or person for the purposes of soliciting sales or services or products.