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Buddy Check for Jesse

Buddy Check for Jesse is a Canadian charity founded by Dr. Stu Gershman, a BC Dad/Coach/Physician who tragically lost his son to suicide in October 2014. The charity’s mission is to raise awareness for youth mental health through the power of sport and the unique influence of coaches, recognizing our youth as the change-makers of the future.

Each team will be conducting an age-appropriate Buddy Check for Jesse session over the next two weeks. FGNHA Teams will receive valuable resources, engage in a coach’s chat, and be provided with some green swag, along with essential information for future reference. It’s essential to note that this is not a suicide awareness chat, and our coaches, while crucial mentors, are not mental health professionals. The session, lasting about 15 minutes, aims to increase mental health awareness among players. It teaches them how to support those managing mental health disorders and, more broadly, navigate challenging mental health days without judgment. The talk emphasizes the importance of being good teammates both on and off the playing surface, encouraging athletes to “Buddy Check” their teammates not only during the season but beyond. Buddy Check revolves around teamwork, support, awareness, and acceptance, and we are privileged to bring this impactful message to our team. Green is the official colour representing mental health, and we proudly share it to visually emphasize its importance. We encourage everyone to find some green and wear it proudly to show your support for your player, team, and coach.  


• Players will participate in an approximately 10-minute Coach’s Talk focusing on the significance of mental health, kindness, compassion, support, and teamwork both within and outside the sports domain.

• All players will receive Buddy Check information bag tags and green tape symbolizing mental health support and often sparking open conversations on the subject.

FGNHA with The Buddy Check for Jesse Team

CLICK HERE for more info on the program:

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