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STORM Win The Finals!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Congratulations to the Winnipeg Storm City Champions!

U13 A1 Winnipeg Storm Hockey

A Championship season for the Storm! “Play like a Champion” was the mantra the U13-A1 Storm team embraced from the very beginning of their season. For these girls this meant a strong commitment to each other to always play their very hardest and to work together as a team. The 13-player squad had a solid regular season sporting a 12-3-3 record, and finished second overall to a very tough Rockets team. After suffering their 3rd loss to the Rockets in February, the team devoted much of the next month to a playoff preparation strategy that involved both intense conditioning and changes to their defensive and offensive zone gameplay. As they rallied around each other they played their best hockey of the season during the playoffs, running through the round robin in convincing fashion before flipping the script on their rivals in the finals of the City Championships, defeating the Rockets in game 4 of their 5-game series. In addition to the City Championships, the U13-A1 Storm also won the Rob West and Stonewall tournaments and finished the 2022-23 campaign with an overall record of 28-6-3. A big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this Storm season a truly special one!

Scott Estabrooks

U13 A1 Head Coach

U15 A2 Winnipeg Storm City Champs!

The U15 A2 Storm capped off a very successful season defeating the Rockets in four games to take home the city championship. Losing the first game in overtime, our team battled back winning the next three consecutive games in convincing fashion without allowing a goal.

This young team of athletes were an absolute pleasure to coach. Each and every game and practice they brought their dedication, commitment and work ethic to the team. They continued to challenge me to bring new skills and strategies to the team to find different ways to defeat other teams.

I am not sure I have coached a group that worked so hard and had so much fun playing the game together. This enjoyment for the game and each other was demonstrated on and off the ice all season long ensuring everyone on the team felt like a major part of our success.

It was a real privilege to coach this team of athletes. I am so proud of what they accomplished on and off the ice together. Most importantly this team has build lasting friendships and have shown us all why we love this game.

On behalf of the great coaching staff, manager, and parents I would like to give a special shout out to the U15 A2 Storm!

- Curtis Craven

U15 A2 Head Coach

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