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Stay Connected with your FGNHA Team!

While hockey in the Winnipeg Metropolitan area is on pause, there are some fun ways that you can still stay connected with your team and team mates.

FGNHA has put together some suggestions of how to stay engaged with everyone:

  1. Plan a Virtual Stick Handling / Dryland - Players can meet over zoom and do some physical challenges together.

  2. Team STEAM Challenge. You can google STEAM Challenge and there are a variety that come up. One to try is the How Tall Can You Build with Candy Challenge. Players are provided 30 jubjubes and 50 tooth picks and they have to build the tallest free standing structure. Players can interact over zoom meet as they build.

  3. Create a Hockey Shots Challenge Board. Players keep track of how many shots they take over a month at home - most shots gets a prize!!

  4. Read a book together and do a zoom meet to talk about it! Team Book Club!! (Book Suggestions: Ice Chips series or Hockey Wars series ages 8-10)

Our hope is that FGNHA teams are back together and running practices and games very soon. We can't wait to see everyone back on the ice. In the meantime, we hope that you find some value in staying connected off the ice. Together but apart.

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